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We live in a world it can be difficult to achieve a healthy work-life balance while still achieving our professional goals and fulfilling our personal aspirations.  We are increasingly bombarded with technology and social media, making our personal and professional lives almost indistinguishable. 

As employers, we expect a lot from our people and repeated sickness absence costs are expensive for your company.


This can lead to feelings of increased pressure to achieve greater results and meet targets along with:

  • longer working hours

  • increased stress and

  • less time spent at home


Fortunately, many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of stress upon long term staff productivity and are proactively taking steps to support the health and wellbeing of their employees, ultimately resulting in happier, healthier, more productive people.

Nutritional Therapy Consultations in Your Workplace
I am happy to work with small and large companies.  Coming into your workplace for the convenience and wellbeing of your employees for a series of 1:1 personalised nutritional therapy consultations.  Your people will receive a detailed and personalised plan from me within 48 hours of our first appointment and they will have access to email and phone support if needed.  A follow up appointment will be held 4-6 weeks later to make sure they're on track. (This can be held either back at your offices or out of hours via Skype.)  


By investing in the health and wellbeing of your people through personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans designed for them and their needs as an employee working in YOUR organisation, you can contribute to:

  • reduced time away from work due to ill health and appointments

  • improved mental, physical and emotional health and well-being 

  • fostering a more health conscious work culture 

  • increased staff loyalty and motivation

  • boosted productivity and efficiency

Individual initial consultations last 75 mins per employee, and follow-up consultations are 45 mins and are held on-site in one of your internal meeting rooms for the convenience and privacy of your employees.  If you'd like to discuss a nutritional therapy package which might be right for your organisation, please email me at